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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB for sale in Kansas City, MO buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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We've got the latest and greatest in premium phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7! It has a 12 megapixel camera, an extra-large battery, and a SD card slot. It's got a beautiful screen resolution, and a great video camcorder. It's also water resistant up to 1 meter water depth! Call or stop by for more information on our phones or otherI'm services! We fix phones, unlock them, and sell phone accessories. Se Habla Espa ol. We have the LARGEST CELL PHONE SELECTION IN THE MIDWEST with the best prices and quality you can get on repairs! Our store is located right in the HEART of WESTPORT on Westport road just two doors west of Kelly's Pub! We've got the largest selection of phones for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, CricKet, Boost, StraightTalk, Consumer Cellular, Net10, PagePlus, Simple Mobile, MetroPCS, and more! We sell all the Samsung Galaxy S Series, Note Series and Edge models along with the Galaxy economy line phones. We sell iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5Ss and more! Need a Google Phone? Yes we have the Nexus series - as well as HTC, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Sony and more! Buy your NEW phone at SETCELL outright at a discount price SKIP THE SCAMMY LEASE PROGRAMS - All of our phones are in like new condition and come from a vendor - none of this buy from the street stuff and sell back to you nonsense... You can be sure you're getting a good phone! We also offer a 30 DAY WARRANTY ON phone purchases and repairs. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on iPhone Screen Repairs. LOWEST CELL PHONE REPAIR PRICES IN THE AREA! **Beware when buying phones from individuals on craigslist, even some stores!!!! - Make sure the Apple iCloud is taken off the phone along with the Google Account - if you neglect to remove these accounts your "new" phone is virtually useless. ALWAYS CHECK THE IMEI OF THE PHONE - This specific serial number can be "Blacklisted" or "Blocked" on the carrier - This happens when the original owner reports it lost or stolen or still has a balance on the phone. Even if the IMEI checks out as clean - it can go bad months down the line!! We GUARANTEE all of our IMEIS for the life of the phone! ALSO make sure the IMEI matches the sticker and the inside of the phone - you can check your phone's IMEI number by typically typing in *#06# - If the phone's price is too good to be true - it was probably purchased stolen - Think of the IMEI number as a VIN number to a car - You never want to buy a sketchy car...there will be issues registering it! With a phone you'll have a problem registering it on your network it will fall in and out of service!! If you do decide to purchase from an individual - Meet them at our store so we can help you determine if you're buying a working phone and we can perform a FREE DIAGNOSTIC AND A FREE IMEI CHECK!! Here at SetCell we don't just sell phones, we fix them! We can help remove google locks or clear your phone for activation - we can also unlock devices you want to use on alternative carriers. We carry tempered glass and most every brand of cell phone cases! Also beware of unauthorized stores selling OtterBox or Speck products - We're an authorized dealer to popular brand names such as these - REST ASSURED you wont have a problem with your case warranty! SETCELL 508 Westport Road Kansas City, MO 64111 - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist