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JOHN DEERE 7000 DEER RADISH PLANTER for food plots for sale in Kansas City, MO buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Still time to plant one of the best and proven deer attractants- Diakon Deer Radish (see deer radish info on Mossy Oak Bio-logic's website). Deer love the 20% protein tops and the 18 to 24 inch sweet, carrot like, tap root. This forage radish is aggressive and fast growing (40 days to maturity), handles grazing pressure, thrives in most all soil types and will keep going until it gets 2 or 3 hard freezes (below 20 degrees). Frost and light freezes only cause sugars to move up out of the tap root into the green tops- making the radish even more attractive to deer. After the green tops freeze, deer will paw the radish tap root out of the ground and eat it- makes for some great late season hunting. Use this John Deere planter to no till 4 to 6 pounds of radish seed per acre and spray Roundup (to kill existing weeds) as you plant- for a one pass- your done operation. Also works to inter-seed radishes into existing food plots. I have Diakon Deer Radish seed for sale at $8.00 per pound. This John Deere 7000 no till planter and sprayer is priced at $3500.00 and is equipped as follows: *toolbar mounted heavy duty no till coulters *down pressure springs on units *high rate milo seed cups *custom built drive sprockets for planting radish seed *leveling drag chains for covering seed *12 volt sprayer with 2.1 GPM pump with adjustable pressure *spray kit with Teejet stainless steel nozzles *category 1 three point hitch * T- jack stand for planter storage *planter thoroughly checked over and parts replaced as needed The Diakon deer radish plants that you see in the picture, were planted with THIS planter. The following items/options are available for this planter, at additional costs: *corn meters *soybean seed cups *changeable drive sprockets and chains for variations in plant populations *split population transmission- for planting two different kinds of crops at the same time *all new blades, bearings, chains, etc * 'looks like new' paint job * 'in the seed trench' watering system, that makes radish seed germinate and emerge ( used when planting in DRY dirt conditions)- water goes on the seed, as you plant You can buy this planter now and still have your own fall food plot of Diakon Deer Radishes- for THIS deer season. Next spring you will also be ahead of the game and ready to put out your spring food plots- maybe have time to do a little ' money making' custom planting. THANKS- Call JAY at 660-888-1833 or email me - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist